Sunday, January 17, 2010


I love Burberry plaid! You know, the ubiquitous khaki, black, and red that pretty much dominates scarf season (at least in San Francisco where "scarf season" is relative and more of a fashion statement than a true necessity...)

Now before anyone goes thinking I'm Ms. Snobby McSnoberston, I own exactly one piece of Burberry plaid and it is my beloved scarf that was purchased for me by my hubby on an exquisite December trip to NYC many years ago. And, yes, we did actually need the scarves while we were there.

Anywhoo, I found the cute little plaid fabric hearts on Etsy a while back and thought they would be simply perfect on a Valentine's Day card. Well, I ended up creating the "line" of Burberry plaid-inspired Valentine's Day cards you see in the pic above. I've already sold a couple and think the rest will go quickly so I'm off to make more. Not only are they simple and elegant, they are also cozy, homey, and a bit folksy.

The creative process is a fickle one, sometimes, and I've been feeling like I haven't been able to craft my way out of a paper bag lately. But, these cards came together so fast the other night that I couldn't keep up! I had twine everywhere, two ink pads open at the same time, and stamps were flying around. I swear I had to spend a good amount of time just putting all of the stamp sets back together after I was finished. It was pretty cool, very inspiring, and definitely lots of fun.

Happy crafting everyone!

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