Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday Boys!

September is a special month since it is both my dad and my little brother's birthdays! My hubby and I bought back some special gifts from Europe and while I was getting the box ready to send this week, I realized I didn't have cards for them! How can I call myself a card maker if I don't have cards for my brother and my dad? I sat down immediately and made these two cards -

This card is for my dad and I think he'll really like it! I had to spend some time going through my supplies looking for "man card" stuff, lol. I think we all suffer from "man card" syndrome at one time or another. After looking through the stash for a birthday card for my husband's best friend, he commented that was what I needed, and boy, was he right!

The card below is for my little brother (he'll be 14 - I can hardly believe it!!) and I'm wondering whether it still may be too girly. The only items I have are some pirate stamps that feel way too little boy (though they would have worked for my dad!) or the super manly dad/grandfather type stuff like boats and trees. Definitely not for a teenager! So, teenager stuff is still on the list though I already have more than I know what to do with!

Happy birthday, Dad and Wade! I love you both very much!!

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